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about me.

Born and raised in Ottawa, I found yoga in my 20’s. Movement has always been sacred to me and I was drawn to the practice on both a mental and physical level. I began to experience a huge shift in my life and knew then that I was being called to something beyond my mat. In 2008 I graduated from my first, of what would be many, Yoga Teacher Trainings. This began to steer my life in a direction to what is now become my most fulfilling work.


My draw towards yoga seemed like a natural progression as a practicing Registered Massage Therapist since 2006. I have always been passionate about helping my clients live better in their bodies. As a Yoga Teacher, I have been able to access and compliment this healing process on a much deeper level. As a teacher in the yoga community I continue to evolve. I am grateful for my experience teaching all levels and ages. As a self proclaimed anatomy geek, safety is always my priority. I offer my students the tools they need to move through their practice both safely and effectively. Individually we are all working with different strengths and weaknesses, I want my students to be able to practice for a lifetime.


Off the mat, l seek to fill my life with love. I spend a lot of my time at home with my husband and fur babies. I love entertaining family and friends. I love to cook, my life wouldn’t be complete without great food and wine. I have a passion for travel and adventure that feeds my soul. When I'm not on my mat I keep both my body and mind challenged, trying new things. My intention is to live each day fully, with gratitude.


“The real gift of gratitude is that the more grateful you are, the more present you become.”

certificates & trainings

. 2500hr Massage Therapy program at Kine-Concept Institute

holding an active membership with the college of massage therapist since ever since.

 .200hr Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher Training, Upward Dog Yoga, Ottawa.

Under the guidance of Roxanne Joly and Lauren Crawford of Para Yoga (Rod Styker)

.Yoga Tune Up Certified with Jill Miller

.FRC'S Functional Range Conditoning

.Thai massage Lotus Palm

.NKT Nuero Kinetic Therapy

.1000 hours of training with my Favorited teachers including Jason Crandell,Tiffany Cruikshank, Jules Mitchell, Natasha Rizopulous, JP Tamblyn,Yoga Detour, Janet Stone and Seane Corn.


A couple of years ago I suffered a catastrophic back injury. Over the course of my rehabilitation I was in the care of at least one hundred doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and massage therapists.  I'm deeply indebted to them, however, few, maybe half-a-dozen, combined the strong professional competence, personal caring, and ability to reach outside their skill sets that has made such an important difference in my recovery. Tiffani Harris is one of those few.  Not only does Tiffani always give an outstanding therapeutic massage, she's able to suggest exercises, provide nutrition advice, and recommend lifestyle changes that extend her care off the table.  Additionally, Tiffani introduced me to yoga.  My yoga practice has accelerated my healing and allowed me to regain much of my lost core strength, balance and flexibility. She's an attentive, knowledgeable and engaging yoga instructor.  What would I do without Tiffani?

- James Feasby

Tiffani is able to teach for all levels of yoga students at the same time making it challenging for all. She inspires me with her creativity, intelligent flows and genuine caring for her students! 

- Julie Hay

Great Enthusiasm and spirit of sharing her expertise

- Jaqin

Grace, ease, strength, simplicity, and  balance - Tiffani embodies these qualities and shares the combined benefits of yoga and massage with a warm and welcoming spirit.   I feel like I get a massage therapist in a yoga teacher, and a yoga teacher in a massage therapist with Tiffani - which is one rare and amazing combination.   She intuitively picks up on the needs of her students and offers adjustments and strategies for gaining ease and mobility in the mind and body.  I always leave Tiffani’s hands feeling more easeful, empowered, strong, and aware.  Tiffani’s yoga classes and massage therapy are part of my personal formula for keeping my life in balance.  Guaranteed, you will leave Tiffani’s yoga class or massage table feeling nourished from the inside out, with a sense of profound relaxation and restoration.

- Nancy Gharib

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